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DMR : A Semantic Robot Control Language

PFE juin 2015 Paris


Sebastian Andraos


Philippe Morel, Pierre Cutellic





Cycle - Année

Cycle 2 - Année 5


DMR is a semantic robot-control language that attempts to change our relationship with machines and create true human-robot collaboration through intuitive interfacing. To this end, DMR is demonstrated in the DMR Interface, an Android app, which accepts semantic vocal commands as well as containing a GUI for feedback and verification. This app is combined with a robot-mounted 3D camera to enable robotic interaction with its surroundings or compensate for unpredictable environments. This combination of tools gives users access to adaptive automation whereby a robot is no longer given explicit instructions but instead is given a job to do and will adapt its movements to execute this regardless of any slight changes to the goal or environment. The major advantages of this system come in the vagueness of the instructions given and a constant feedback of task accomplishment, approaching the manner in which we subconsciously control our bodies or would guide another person to achieve a goal.

DMR: A Semantic Robot Control Language - Sebastian Andraos







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