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Forms and the failures in clay 3d print

Exploring the forms during and after collapse in clay 3d print

PFE juin 2015 Paris


Zakeri Mahriz Akhavan


Jean Aimé Shu, Philippe Morel





Cycle - Année

Cycle 2 - Année 5


On semester 9, the basics about the clay 3d print, the characteristics of the material and some basic printable forms have been explored. In the continuity of the same subject, for this final degree we studied the failures on clay 3d print and the potential forms which can be created in this way. As an integration is occurred between a new technology and an old material, which has been used in construction fields for a long time, new domains to explore are presented to the searchers and designer. So this time instead of the research for the perfect forms, I study the failures in 3d prints. Because the predictable collapses are more desirable, we are specially concentrating on the forms which give this possibility. As a result I work on the asymmetry forms which are more predictable and are easier to control. The examinations means are the clay 3d print with the help of the robot and also the simulating software RealFlow.We worked particularly on the combination of forms to reach a balance between the falling and supportive space elements.

Forms and the failures in clay 3d print - Zakeri Mahriz Akhavan







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